An assessment project includes a series of actors both in the organization conducting the assessment and in the organization being assessed.
Only certified individuals are authorized to lead or participate in TIPA assessments. The two formalized roles involved in a TIPA assessment Team are the TIPA Assessor and the TIPA Lead Assessor.

rolesTIPA Lead Assessor

The Certified TIPA Lead Assessor is the project manager of the TIPA assessment project. The Lead Assessor is also responsible for ensuring that the entire project is conducted according to the TIPA method (also ensuring conformity with requirements of the ISO/IEC 15504 standard revised as the ISO/IEC 33000 series).

The objectives for the TIPA Lead Assessor are to:

  • Manage an assessment project from the selection of the processes to be assessed to the presentation of the assessment results
  • Lead the assessment team and ensure that the assessment project results are produced according to plan
  • Use the TIPA toolbox to run the assessment project

TIPA Assessor for ITIL

The Certified TIPA Assessor is an individual who conducts the assessment interviews and analyzes the results to draw conclusions on the assessed process maturity.

The objectives for the TIPA Assessor for ITIL are to:

  • Conduct interviews and rate processes according to the TIPA rating scheme
  • Analyze the process assessment results and draw conclusions about the process maturity

TIPA recommends that assessments be conducted by pairs of certified TIPA Assessors for ITIL in Class 1 and Class 2. The assessment results are derived from the analysis of the findings of the interviews and they are formalized after both assessors have discussed them and reached a consensus. Certified Assessors are able to take part in a TIPA assessment project under the conduct of a Lead Assessor.


flowAssessment Sponsor

The Sponsor is the individual, internal or external to the part of the organization being assessed, who requires the assessment to be performed and provides financial or other resources to carry it out.

Assessment Coordinator

The TIPA Lead Assessor works closely with the Assessment Coordinator to plan and organize the assessment project within the assessed organization. The local Assessment Coordinator manages the assessment logistics and interfaces with the part of the organization being assessed. The Assessment Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of the Assessment Project within his/her organization.

Organization Management

The members of the management of the assessed organization are also involved in the assessment project. They might be impacted by the assessment project and can be involved in the improvement actions following the assessment.


TIPA uses an interview-based assessment method to gather information concerning the performance of the assessed process. The interviewees are the people in the organization who actually perform, manage, or use the process being assessed. They are interviewed in order to understand how the process is conducted in the organization and to determine the maturity level of this process.