The collection and analysis of all the findings gathered during an assessment determines to what extent a process is performed, managed, established, predictable or optimizing. The maturity level assessment results are achieved by the process is displayed on the process profile diagram.

The process profile identifies to what extent (not/partially/largely/fully) the process purpose stated in the reference process definition is achieved. In addition it highlights the degree of achievement of each process attribute: the various aspects of process maturity. This diagram helps easily identify paths for improvement and gaps to fill, in order to reach a higher level of process maturity. The example below shows the process profile for 5 ITIL processes.results

Assessment Report and Results Presentation

As a result of a TIPA assessment project, an assessment report and a presentation of the assessment results are prepared. They include:

  • A maturity profile by process (positioning the process achievements on a maturity scale)
  • A detailed SWOT analysis (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) that facilitates the task of setting priorities by identifying the weaknesses and the improvement opportunities.
  • A list of improvement recommendations that forms the foundation of the improvement plan


TIPA Consulting Licensees can deliver a TIPA assessment certificate for the assessment performed.

The certificate states the processes assessed and the level achieved.