What is TIPA?

Assess and Improve Your IT Processes with the TIPA Framework

TIPA is an internationally-recognized framework for IT process assessment. The TIPA framework offers a turnkey solution to determine the maturity levels for IT processes aligned with IT best practices. TIPA also enables process improvements. TIPA for ITIL® successfully combines the well-known process-assessment standard, ISO/IEC 15504-33000, with IT Service Management best practices described in ITIL.

IT process assessment is a vital step with any IT process implementation. TIPA uses the principles of the ISO/IEC 15504-33000 standard, an internationally accepted standard for process assessment, in the creation of a framework specifically designed to assess processes within the IT domain.


ITIL is a de facto standard for IT Service Management and is adopted by organizations worldwide. TIPA for ITIL is the product of more that ten years’ extensive research by a team of international researchers at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), who also worked on the ISO/IEC 15504 process assessment standard and the ISO/IEC 20000 (ITSM Quality Standard). TIPA for ITIL successfully combines the process assessment standard with the ITSM best practices described in ITIL.

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