JB Service

JB Service recently became a TIPA Consulting Use Licensee and shared with us the reasons why they adopted TIPA.

What are the objectives for JB Service to adopt TIPA? Did you have your own methodology previously?

We adopted TIPA to make use of ITSM promotion activities against the business and daily practice. The solution is needed to put ITIL into practical use in order to improve the internal quality and provide new services.

We did not utilize our own methodology previously. Therefore, TIPA was the best choice for us.

What are the benefits of TIPA that you see for your customers?

TIPA provides tangible improvement points for the IT operation process(es). It definitely leads to improved quality and customer satisfaction.

Who are your typical customers?

Financial companies and medium-sized firms.

About JB Service: JB Service Corporation is a member of JBCC Holdings and is a technical and service company supporting the full lifecycle of IT.

Services: JB Service Corporation, owned by JBCC Holdings Inc., addresses IT service management promotion activities to improve quality and customer satisfaction. JB Service Corporation provides value to customers by supporting ITSM tool architecture and coordinating operation services which meet ITIL standards.

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan