Glenfis recently became a TIPA Consulting Use Licensee and shared with us the reasons why they adopted TIPA.

What were your objectives for adopting TIPA? Did Glenfis have their own methodology before?

Yes, we had our own methodology before and our main objective was having a robust methodology based on international standards like ISO/IEC 15504.

What are the benefits TIPA offers to your customers?

It’s now possible for them to assess process maturity and capabilities based on a general framework. They not only get a precise maturity rating, but also an actual and objective “snapshot view” of the assessed processes with evidence for improvements. The main outputs of a TIPA assessment are a detailed SWOT analysis on each of the processes, as well as recommendations for getting to the next level. This happens in a structured way, independent from the assessment team.

Who are your typical customers?

Our customers come from many different sectors, since IT and Service Management has become the strategic capabilities source in almost every organization nowadays. We’re asked to help IT teams benchmark the existing processes with ITIL, and to identify gaps and areas for improvements. Based on the detailed results, we’re also asked to build a roadmap and help them close the identified gaps.

What do you like the most about TIPA? What made you choose TIPA?

TIPA is a great tool. It’s based on an international standard (ISO/IEC 15504). And with TIPA, we got a complete toolset to perform assessments with. This includes the questionnaires, the rating tables and the different documents/templates needed for an assessment. This makes life a lot easier!