List of Active Certified Trainers

Alain RenaulteuropeLuxembourg
Beatrix BaraforteuropeLuxembourg
Stéphane CortinaeuropeLuxembourg
Jan JægereuropeDenmarkLinkedIn
Michel PicardeuropeLuxembourg
Steve TremblayamericaCanadaLinkedIn

This is the list of active TIPA Trainers. The list should contain all TIPA Trainers, that:

  • passed the TIPA Trainer (TTT) exam,
  • have an active Professional Membership (“are in good standing”), and
  • have given their consent to have their name published on this list. If you already have an active Professional Membership, please log in and you can just check the consent checkbox given in the Account menu. This will take effect immediately.

Should you be unable to find your (or another) name on the list, please make sure that all of the above requirements are in place.

Thereafter, if you still believe that a name should be added to the list, please do not hesitate to contact us using