List of Assessors for ITIL

Adnane Ben KhalifaamericaCanada
Aileen Cater-SteeleuropeAustraliaLinkedIn
Alain DionamericaCanada
Alain RenaulteuropeLuxembourg
Alec DorlingeuropeSweden
Alexandre DiderotteeuropeLuxembourg
Alma MilleramericaUSA
Andre BoutinamericaCanada
Andre ThiffaultamericaCanada
Anthony AmareuropeBelgium
Antonio (Tony) ColettaeuropeItaly
Bartosz KozakiewiczeuropePoland
Beatrix BaraforteuropeLuxembourg
Brian LoucyamericaUSA
Catherine YoungamericaCanada
Lise Dall ErikseneuropeDenmarkLinkedIn
Chandra M Rasia-pacificIndia
Charles MitchellamericaUSA
Christian Feldbech NisseneuropeDenmark
Christie BiehlamericaUSA
Christophe FeltuseuropeLuxembourg
Celine LuisieuropeLuxembourg
Stéphane CortinaeuropeLuxembourg
David MartsamericaUSA
Debra RonsvalleamericaUSA
Dominick BoutetamericaCanada
Emery DeliamericaCanada
Erik BartholdyeuropeDenmark
Fatih Celenmiddle-eastUAE
Francois GuillemetteamericaCanada
Frédéric HAYeuropeFrance
Heng Tanasia-pacificSingaporeLinkedIn
Hervé HuberteuropeFranceLinkedIn
Dave HonakeramericaUSA
Jack McIntyreamericaUSA
Jan JægereuropeDenmarkLinkedIn
Jason RosenfeldamericaUSA
Guruprasath Jayaramanmiddle-eastUAE
Jocelyn AuberteuropeLuxembourg
John WallhoffeuropeSweden
Jørgen Letager HanseneuropeDenmark
Justin Gasparreasia-pacificAustralia
Kakeru Likuboasia-pacificJapan
Kimmo VaikkolaeuropeFinlandLinkedIn
Kristo JokelaeuropeFinland
Kristian SkjellerupeuropeDenmark
Lars Møllegaard LauritzeneuropeDenmark
Lars Kristian LarseneuropeDenmark
Maria Bejer ClauseneuropeDenmark
Marie-France PaulamericaCanada
Mark GeislereuropeLuxembourg
Martin CrosseuropeLuxembourg
Michael FusonamericaUSA
Michel PicardeuropeLuxembourg
Michel SimardamericaCanada
Mika JohanssoneuropeFinland
Mikael KølendorfeuropeDenmark
Martin Long TeglgaardeuropeDenmark
Nicolo RealeeuropeItaly
Niraj Kumarasia-pacificIndia
Karen L. LauritseneuropeDenmarkLinkedIn
Paritosh Bhardwajasia-pacificIndia
Paul KeavenyeuropeUnited Kingdom
Pedro TOPAeuropeLuxembourg
Peter GerritseneuropeFrance
Pierre FreyssonnetamericaCanada
Guy PratteamericaCanada
Radia OUAKEDImiddle-eastUAE
Remi DELCOURTeuropeFrance
Richard LaRocqueamericaCanada
Richard MessnarzeuropeAustriaLinkedIn
Robert PattacinieuropeBelgiumLinkedIn
Rohinton Dumasiaasia-pacificIndia
Ruddy HilberteuropeBelgiumLinkedIn
Samuel RenaulteuropeLuxembourg
Simao AlmeidaeuropeLuxembourgLinkedIn
Søren GræsborgeuropeDenmarkLinkedIn
Søren DittmereuropeDenmarkLinkedIn
Søren Bjørn AnderseneuropeDenmark
Steve CarrellamericaUSA
Steve TremblayamericaCanadaLinkedIn
Steven KanenamericaUSA
Sumeet Popliasia-pacificLinkedIn
Sutthichai Preamsiriniranasia-pacificThailand
Svetlana SidenkoamericaCanada
T. K. (Ted) GaughanamericaUSA
Terry RouteuropeAustraliaLinkedIn
Test Testsoneurope
Tim VanProoyenamericaUSALinkedIn
Martin AndenmatteneuropeSwitzerland
Ulla ZeebergeuropeDenmark
Valerie BetryeuropeLuxembourgLinkedIn
Xolani NgwenyaamericaCanada
Yves BourgauxeuropeLuxembourg

This is the list of active TIPA Assessors for ITIL. The list should contain all TIPA Assessors for ITIL, that:

  • passed the TIPA Assessor for ITIL exam,
  • have an active Professional Membership (“are in good standing”), and
  • have given their consent to have their name published on this list. If you already have an active Professional Membership, please log in and you can just check the consent checkbox given in the Account menu. This will take effect immediately.

Should you be unable to find your (or another) name on the list, please make sure that all of the above requirements are in place.

Thereafter, if you still believe that a name should be added to the list, please do not hesitate to contact us using