TIPA® for ITIL® Licenses & Memberships



TIPA offers a turnkey solution for IT process assessment based on industry standard ISO/IEC 15504. TIPA for ITIL provides a vendor agnostic and transparent method to determine the maturity level of ITIL based processes and enables process improvement. The TIPA Licensing and Membership scheme creates a network of individuals and organizations to provide unparalleled access to information about TIPA and to promote the use of this internationally recognized framework in organizations.

Organizations that wish to use TIPA for commercial purposes and integrate the Intellectual Property into a product or service offering are required to apply for a license of TIPA that will give them the right to do so.

The TIPA licensing scheme has been modified to encourage a variety of uses. The different licensing and membership options ensure that application of TIPA is optimized for different organizations and individuals.

Professional Membership

Professional Membership is open to professionals who have successfully completed the TIPA Assessor or TIPA Lead Assessor certification exam. These individuals have demonstrated that they have developed the competencies and skills. Any individual who becomes officially certified as an Assessor becomes automatically eligible for TIPA Professional Membership. Certified TIPA Assessors or Lead Assessors have to maintain their membership in order to retain their certification.

Fee: € 299,00 excluding VAT per member per year.

Consulting Use License (formerly Organizational Membership)

The TIPA consulting use license is designed to recognize and support organizations that wish to use the TIPA framework for commercial purposes. Examples of consulting use licensees are consulting firms, IT Service Providers and software development firms. Being a member allows an organization to benefit from the widespread adoption of TIPA by the market. Licensees are organizations that plan to make available a commercial offering based on the TIPA framework or plan to use TIPA in the development of a commercial offering. A commercial offering typically takes form as a service (assessment/consultation).

For an Organization to be able to apply for consulting use license and offer a commercial service/product that includes the TIPA framework; the organization must employ at least one TIPA Lead Assessor. Organizational Membership belongs to the organization (as opposed to Professional Membership that belongs to a certified individual) and can be retained by the organization as reassignments occur.

Fee: €349,00 excluding VAT for organizations with a yearly revenue up to €1 million EURO, and €995,00 excluding VAT for organizations with a yearly revenue of more than €1 million EURO.

Training License

TIPA Training Licenses are for organizations that would like to deliver TIPA Training programs to their customers. TIPA training programs include Assessor and Lead Assessor courses along with the
certification exams. Organizations with a Training License must deliver training courses with a certified TIPA Trainer. This is a Lead Assessor who completed a Train the Trainer program.

Fee: €349,00 excluding VAT per year per training organization

Single Product Use License

Single product use license enables an organization to become the official product licensee of TIPA. This license allows the licensee to develop a single product/software/tool aligned with TIPA for ITIL. This license allows the software company to:

  • Deploy/integrate the developed tool in unlimited organizations for a period of one year
  • Access to inputs from the core TIPA team at agreed support rates during development/deployment phase
  • Right to use the TIPA trademark and logo for commercial purposes
  • License to use the TIPA in the software environment (including Process Assessment Model, Toolbox) and access to TIPA material updates
  • Listing on the official TIPA website as a software licensee to develop TIPA compatible services/products for commercial purposes

Fee: €7.500,00 excluding VAT per year.

Note: If the single product use licensee intends to conduct assessments then it is necessary to acquire a Consulting Use License as well.