Professional Membership

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The TIPA membership scheme creates a global and recognizable network of adopter individuals and organizations who have unparalleled access to information about TIPA. The membership promotes the use of this internationally recognized framework and is open to individuals who are qualified to perform assessments using TIPA methodology/tools. Access to the TIPA Professional Membership is restricted to individuals who have completed certification courses and exams and whish to be recognized as TIPA professionals.

The TIPA Professional Memberships grants his holder with the following rights:

  • Access to all TIPA intellectual property and updates
  • Access to TIPA toolbox and SaaS solution
  • Listing as TIPA professional on the official TIPA website
  • Right to use the TIPA brand name and image when performing assessments


  • The TIPA membership is the same for Assessors and Lead Assessors.
  • TIPA certified assessors in good standing who become Lead Assessors do not need to pay for it again if membership still valid.
  • If the annual TIPA professional membership is not included in the training package, the candidate will need to pay that membership once he has passed the TIPA Assessor for ITIL exam.
  • The TIPA Professional Membership is valid for one year and needs to be renewed to maintain certification.
  • A fee per assessment is applied

Fee: € 299,00 excluding VAT per year for Assessor/Lead Assessors

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The TIPA Toolbox

Provides 20 tools to perform a standard, structured, objective,
and repeatable assessment of IT Service Management processes.

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