Single Product Use License

tipa_single_product_use_licenseThe Product Development license enables an organization to develop a single product/software/tool based on TIPA for ITIL.

  • License to use TIPA for ITIL in the software environment (including Process Assessment Model, Assessment Method and Toolbox components) and benefit from the TIPA for ITIL updates
  • Access to inputs TIPA team at LIST at agreed support rates during development/deployment phase
  • Right to deploy/integrate the developed tool in unlimited organizations for a period of one year for Commercial Partners (nee note below)
  • Right to use the TIPA trademark and logo in the product/software/tool once developed
  • Listing on the official TIPA website as a TIPA Product Development partner to develop TIPA compatible services/products for commercial purposes


  • The Product Development License requires the organization to hire at least one TIPA certified Lead Assessor to supervise the product/software/tool development activities and be the LIST interlocutor
  • The Product Development License complements the Consulting Use License that is required for any commercial activity including TIPA for ITIL component (incl. product/software/tool once developed)

Fee: € 7.500,00 excluding VAT per year.

Note: If the single product use licensee intends to conduct assessments then it is necessary to acquire a Consulting Use License as well.

Apply for the TIPA Product Licensee