Consulting Use License

tipa_consulting_use_licenseThe TIPA Consulting License is a license for commercial organizations willing to deliver commercial TIPA-based services to their customers.

The TIPA Consulting License grants the commercial organization the rights:

  • To use the TIPA method and tools for commercial purpose with their customers
  • To use the TIPA brand name and image in that context
  • To be listed on the official TIPA website as TIPA consulting partner.


  • The Consulting License complements the Professional Membership
  • The Consulting License requires the organization to hire TIPA certified individuals to deliver TIPA related services
  • The Consulting Use License is for the organization (as opposed to Professional Membership that belongs to a certified individual) and is retained by the organization as reassignments occur.
  • This license is not required for organizations that do internal assessments only.


€349 per year for consulting organizations with a revenue up to one million Euro
€995 per year for consulting organizations with a revenue greater than million Euro

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