Licensing and Membership Structure

Organizations that wish to use TIPA for commercial purposes and integrate the Intellectual Property into a product or service offering are required to apply for a license of TIPA that will give them the right to do so

The TIPA licensing scheme has been modified to make it affordable for all professionals and organization whatever the size, and to encourage a variety of uses. The different licensing and membership options ensure that application of TIPA is optimized for different organizations and individuals.

TIPA Corporate Licenses

icon-Consulting-Use-LicenseYour company offers IT consulting solutions

TIPA Consulting Use License

icon- Single-Product-Use-License-Your company offers software solutions

TIPA Single Product Use License

icon-Training-LicenseYour company offers IT training solutions

TIPA Training License

 icon-Toolbox-LicenseYour company wants to experiment on TIPA internally without training

TIPA Toolbox License


TIPA Individual Membership

The TIPA professional membership scheme creates a global and recognizable network of adopter individuals who have unparalleled access to information about TIPA.

icon-Professional-Membership-AssessorYou are a TIPA for ITIL certified Assessor

TIPA Professional Membership

icon-Professional-Membership-Lead-AssessorYou are a TIPA Lead Assessor

TIPA Professional Membership Lead Assessor

TIPA® for ITIL® Licenses & Memberships Facts