Operational Excellence: Excellence in a Service-Oriented World

White Paper written by John Worthington, ITIL Expert and Director of Consulting, Third Sky

Web Services…Service-Oriented Architecture…IT Service Management…Software-as-a-Service…Infrastructure-as-a-Service…Platform-as-a-Service. This is much more than marketing hype; we have entered a service oriented world. Yet even as the business drives us at an ever-increasing pace, many IT organizations have yet to fully realize a services orientation.

Operational Excellence Whitepaper

OpExwhitepaperOf course, establishing the right vision and strategy, and laying a foundation of effective and efficient processes are essential elements of success. But perhaps the single most important factor to realizing operational excellence in the 21st century may be achieving a true services orientation. For many, this is the most difficult and transformative part of the IT Service Management journey.

This white paper will cover:

  • Back to the Future – the roots of “outside-in” thinking
  • Services as Building Blocks
  • The Service Lifecycle: Portfolios, Catalogs and Service Levels
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