Business-Driven IT Transformation: The Business Value of Process Assessment

White Paper written by John Worthington, ITIL Expert and Director of Consulting, Third Sky

With the accelerating pace of change in both business and technology, transformation is the new reality for IT. ITIL’s Continual Service Improvement approach recognizes this reality and can be used to great effect as part of any IT transformation initiative.

tipawpIf IT transformation is the new norm then the capability to self assess process capability and maturity has become a business imperative. In fact, studies of process improvement based on the ISO standard (ISO/IEC 15504) for assessing process capability and maturity provide ample evidence that higher process capability is associated with improved business performance (Loon, 2004).

Process assessment is a critical competency for success in the new world. Fortunately, there is a standards-based process assessment model (PAM) that leverages both the ISO 15504 standard and the ITIL®guidance for IT service management.

It is from TIPA™, the internationally-recognized framework for process assessment, and customers can have internal or external assessors leverage the TIPA™ PAM to:

  • Provide a vendor-neutral approach to process assessment
  • Leverage investments in ITIL® Education
  • Improve both cross-functional and strategic/tactical/operational communication
  • Get and maintain buy-in to critical IT transformation initiatives

The purpose of this paper is to outline the business value of IT process assessment, and how it can be used to achieve business-driven IT transformation.

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