Interview with Christian Nissen, CEO of CFN People

Christian-NissenChristian Nissen, CEO of CFN People

We are delighted to welcome CFN People as a new TIPA Consulting Use Licensee. We sat down with Christian Nissen, CEO of CFN People, to discuss his views on the real value of TIPA. In this short interview, Christian shares how they switched from their own assessment methodology to TIPA, and the benefits that his organization and customers enjoy as a result of this switch.

What is the most powerful aspect of TIPA for you?

Christian Nissen: What I find to be the most powerful aspect of TIPA is the well-equipped toolbox, as well as the training scheme. The training scheme allows assessors to generate assessments that can be compared across frameworks thanks to the toolbox gathering methodological and IT tools for supporting the main stages of the assessment. We even have customers who want to take the TIPA training to be able to use the toolbox in other domains such as COBIT, as they consider it much more powerful than the tools provided for these frameworks. TIPA is based on ISO/ IEC 15504—and I think we will see more cross-use of products based on this standard in the coming years.

How do you see TIPA as compared to other methodologies for IT Process Assessments?

Christian Nissen: TIPA is a methodology maintained/ further developed by Tudor. It is a marked improvement over our own methodology, which was based on ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 and required a lot of time to maintain. Also TIPA allows our customers to compare their assessment results with assessments conducted by our competitors, which is positive.

Furthermore, the ISO/IEC 15504 standard uses the same generic capability indicators and process attributes on capability level 2 to 5, whether the Process Assessment Model (PAM) is based on ITIL, COBIT or another process reference model. This makes comparison across companies, industries and frameworks much more robust.

Give us your opinion on the value of TIPA assessments.

Christian Nissen: The best organizations strive to build and improve their capabilities, always. This, combined with investing in skilled and capable people, makes the difference between success and failure. In good times, customers come to us and ask us to perform the full assessment, since their employees have more than enough to do. In tougher times, we are hired to educate one or more of their own assessors; to lead the first assessment and then mentor their staff” to be able to perform assessments on their own. We actually like this way of working best as it aligns well to the philosophy of CFN People—it goes along with the old adage of teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish. We strive to build sustainable capabilities!