How to get ITIL® Process Maturity Done Right?

Steve Tremblay, President of Excelsa Technologies, ITIL® Master, DPSM, PMP, TIPA Lead Trainer

TIPA promised a robust methodology for assessing ITIL process maturity. It is becoming an internationally recognized framework that offers an objective and vendor-neutral methodology based on ISO/IEC 15504. No matter the size of the organization, the use of TIPA directly contributes to ITSM process improvement.

Excelsa Technologies’s President, Steve Tremblay, delivered a session entitled, “Getting ITIL Process Maturity Done Right” at the ITSMF Australia event, which was held on August 7-9, 2013. He presented his views on how to better deal with ITSM transformation project in both good or tough times.

We sat down with Steve Tremblay to discuss his session. In this short interview, Steve shares how his session was received by the audience and what the opportunities are in adopting TIPA as an assessment methodology.

What did you present at ITSM Australia?

Steve Tremblay: I presented on the best way improvements must occur. Starting from the definition of Quality and Quality of Service, being the trigger to improvements. I then presented how ISO/IEC 15504 can benefit organizations on how to best proceed with evaluating their processes. I introduced TIPA, a process maturity assessment based on ISO/IEC 15504 and how this methodology can really facilitate the achievement of high quality results in process maturity assessments. I concluded by presenting a case study where TIPA contributed to a client’s evaluation of their process maturity.

How did the audience receive it and what did they find the most interesting?

Steve Tremblay: The presentation was very well received, with many questions on TIPA, but also on its basis on an ISO standard. More interest was shown with regards to how the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) may consider developing a similar method to TIPA, but for ISO/IEC 20000 specifically. Many people stayed at the end of the presentation to ask further questions on how TIPA works and how it can be best used. A university in Queensland is also conducting a study on process maturity assessments and they are evaluating how TIPA differs from others.

What opportunities do you see in adopting TIPA as an assessment methodology?

Steve Tremblay: The definitive economy of effort to complete assessments in less time, with less money. Definite closer alignment to what ITIL® exactly requires to be in place. It is one of the greatest methodologies to ensure consistency of results, when the methodology is used according to guidelines and when competent resources use it.

What do you see as a next step?

Steve Tremblay: Definitely contributing to support the University of Queensland in their research project, and arranging a Webinar for Australia and New Zealand at the beginning of the new year. To rally some of the Australian ITSM leaders to attend a TIPA Combo class in the next year.

About TIPA® for ITIL®

Assess and Improve Your IT Processes with the TIPA Framework. TIPA is an internationally-recognized framework for IT process assessment. The TIPA framework offers a turnkey solution to determine the maturity levels for IT processes aligned with IT best practices. TIPA also enables process improvements. TIPA for ITIL® successfully combines the well-known process-assessment standard, ISO/IEC 15504, with IT Service Management best practices described in ITIL.