Available TIPA and TIPA for ITIL Certifications

The official TIPA certification scheme consists of two qualifications that provide a modular approach to different aspects of the TIPA framework, to various degrees of depth and detail. The certification is awarded by Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, the organization that developed TIPA and manages the credential scheme for TIPA and TIPA Assessor for ITIL certification.

The certification scheme is designed to develop the knowledge and skills of individuals to enable them to lead and/or participate in IT process assessments based on the TIPA framework. Individuals have to complete certification courses and exams to obtain the two official certifications available:


The TIPA Assessor for ITIL certification introduces the concepts and key components of TIPA and is relevant to individuals who perform TIPA process assessments under supervision of a Lead Assessor.

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 The TIPA Lead Assessor certification is designed for IT professionals who lead TIPA assessments. TIPA Lead Assessors are senior certified TIPA Assessors who will be accountable for the overall assessment project from scoping, customer management, to presenting the final report.

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