Benefits of TIPA

TIPA creates a structured framework for implementing or improving ITIL ® practices. It provides a repeatable and objective framework, monitoring the evolution of the IT Service Management program and the expected improvements within an organization, even when carried out by different assessors.

You are looking to conduct an IT process assessment within your organization:

  • Offers structured, objective, and repeatable process measurements
  • Identifies strengths, weaknesses and process improvement areas
  • Interview-based assessments engage employees in the improvement of the project
  • Establishes the objectives for process improvement initiatives
  • Monitors the progress and demonstrates the merits of improvement actions
  • Enables process improvement through goal-setting and objective measurement; leading to improvement of ROI on ITSM projects
  • Standardization makes benchmarking possible

You are looking to adopt TIPA in your consulting services:

  • A competitive pricing structure that enables consultants and organizations to extract optimum benefits
  • Offers a turnkey solution that uses an open assessment framework and supporting tools
  • TIPA helps in determining organizational maturity
  • Certification of process assessments is defined at ISO level
  • Process assessment is one of the most suitable ways to improve service quality
  • Offers an innovative standard for process-benchmarking without adopting a competitor framework
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