Professional Membership

lead assessor

The Professional Membership is open to professionals who have successfully completed the TIPA Assessor or TIPA Lead Assessor certification exam, and have demonstrated that they have developed the competencies and skills to perform and lead TIPA assessments.

Here is how it works:

  1. Any individual who becomes officially certified as an Assessor becomes automatically eligible for TIPA Professional Membership.
  2. Once they have paid the individual professional membership, members receive a license and access to the TIPA Toolbox, providing them with the tools to perform assessments
  3. Certified TIPA Assessors or Lead Assessors have to maintain their membership in order to retain their certification.

The TIPA membership scheme creates a global and recognizable network of adopter individuals and organizations who have unparalleled access to information about TIPA. The membership promotes the use of this internationally recognized framework and is open to individuals who are qualified to perform assessments using TIPA methodology/tools.

Fee: $ 295 year for Assessor/Lead Assessors

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The TIPA Toolbox

Provides 20 tools to perform a standard, structured, objective,
and repeatable assessment of IT Service Management processes.

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